Posted by Cobb County, GA

Leading the Charge

Cobb County, Georgia has been leading the charge when it comes to implementation of alternative fuels and more specifically electric vehicles into their fleet.  In 2015, the County partnered with a local Nissan dealership to lease 16 Nissan LEAFs to be deployed in several different departments.  They estimate that this transition to electric vehicles will save them almost a quarter million dollars and over one million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions over the life of the vehicles.  The vehicles are charging at the newly deployed 25 charging stations across the county.  This deployment of 16 all electric vehicles was cited as the “largest implementation in the Southeast” by Nissan North America.

Since this initial push to implement electric vehicles in the fleet, Cobb County has leased an additional 7 Nissan LEAFs to be utilized in the Fire Department.   Along with these vehicles, seven more charging stations were installed at the Fire Headquarters.  These vehicles are anticipated to save the county another $173,000 and displace over 445,200 gallons of gasoline.

These efforts help to demonstrate the viability and cost-effectiveness of electric vehicles in today’s fleet.  We’re excited to hear about Cobb County’s efforts and look forward to hearing many other similar success stories from fleets across the southeast in the near future.

If you have questions about Cobb County’s electric vehicle experience, please contact the Fleet Manager, Al Curtis.