Posted by Sheetz/Growth Energy

Pink Out – Ethanol

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Growth Energy, in partnership with Sheetz, donated two cents from the sale of every gallon of E15 (15% ethanol, 85% unleaded gasoline) to the American Cancer Society.

Throughout the month of October, more than 300 pumps offering E15 with pink nozzle handles were available to consumers throughout the state of North Carolina.

“Sheetz is honored to take part in the Pink Out program and help raise funds for breast cancer research,” said Mike Lorenz, executive vice president for petroleum supply at Sheetz. “We are committed to providing our customers with the best fueling options on the market, and E15 certainly falls into that category. For those who are new to E15, October is a great time to give it a try while contributing to a great cause.”

E15 contains 5% more ethanol than regular gasoline and is approved for use in any car 2001 or newer. This increase in ethanol helps lower vehicle emissions while improving engine performance.  More information about the fuel can be found on the About The Tech page.

Sheetz has added E15 pumps in over 60 of their gas stations across North Carolina since the beginning of 2016. They are also this year’s MobileCARE Award winner – Fuel Provider category, for their gas station expansions that have more than doubled the E15 and E85 offerings across the state. Drivers can find Sheetz stations that offer E15 at