Posted by U.S. DOT - Federal Highway Administration

Electric Corridor

Key steps toward accelerating the utilization of electric vehicles and the charging infrastructure needed to support them have been taken in the form of a national network of alternative fuel and electric charging corridors enabling coast to coast zero emission mobility on our nation’s highways.

Forty-eight of the 55 routes (spanning 35 states) that have been designated to accommodate one or more alternative fuel vehicles (including: electric, hydrogen, propane, and natural gas) will support electric vehicles specifically. In North Carolina, I-40 and I-85 will have corridors providing access to public Level 2 or DC Fast Charge stations from Raleigh to Hickory, Black Mountain to Asheville, and Raleigh to Gastonia. These charge stations will be five miles from the highway, with 50 miles between stations.

The U.S. Department of Transportation announced that road signs along the corridors will reduce range anxiety by pointing out where drivers can stop to charge their electric vehicles.

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