PARTICLE FALLS is a free, public art display designed by artist and scientist Andrea Polli. Enjoy this exhibit any night from March 24th to April 23rd in downtown Raleigh.

See air particulate pollution come to light before your eyes as real-time air quality readings are translated into an animated, colorful projection of light resembling a flowing waterfall. Watch the colors change as pollution rises and falls throughout the evening. The display begins each night at dusk on a 5-story building across the street from the Raleigh Times Bar (located at 14 E Hargett St).

Co-sponsored by Clean Air Carolina, North Carolina Department of Transportation, Novozymes, Empire Properties, Growth Energy, and Foursaken Media, this five-week event hopes to educate the public about the presence and impact of particle pollution in North Carolina and the alternative clean transportation options consumers can choose to help keep North Carolina’s air cleaner and healthier for us all.

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