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Become an Affiliate

Are you involved in the clean transportation industry and interested in getting the word out about your efforts?  This is the perfect place to do so.  Fuel What Matters is designed to be a campaign that connects North Carolina citizens with the clean transportation options most applicable to them.  As part of these efforts, we want to highlight your activities and drive some of our traffic to your upcoming events or campaigns.  Featured content of your choice will be featured right here and at the top of our homepage.  The best part: it’s free.  All you need to do is sign up to become an affiliate of the campaign.  To sign up, contact Heather Brutz at

Photo courtesy of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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Fuel What Matters: 2.0

Fuel What Matters is back and better than ever.  Our brief bit of radio silence gave us a chance to listen to our stakeholders and develop a new website that is more useful and interactive than ever before.  As you can probably tell, we’ve incorporated a lot of new and exciting features to help connect website visitors with the clean transportation options that are best for them.  On top of that, we wanted everyone to get a taste of what was going on in the clean transportation industry across our state.  That’s what our new ‘featured content’ section allows us to do.  We can now use this space to cover any and all clean transportation events and activities that are taking place from border to border in North Carolina.  Aside from the new ‘featured content’ section, we’re also excited to announce a new clean transportation commitment widget!  This tool allows visitors to the website to show off their use of clean transportation technologies to everyone else visiting the website. In return for ‘committing’ to use clean transportation, visitors will receive free Fuel What Matters swag in the mail.  To find out more about the new and improved Fuel What Matters, check out the website for yourself or contact Matt Abele,